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The Different Door Types That Can Use Retractable Screens

French Door Screens

Retractable window screens are great at keeping out insects, blocking out extra sunlight, and allowing the breeze to flow through your home. However, it’s a common misconception that you can only have retractable screen doors installed around your patio or in your windows. You can have retractable screens fitted on outside-leading doors in your home as well. This article will review the different door types that can use retractable screens.

Single Outswing or Inswing Doors

Simple push and pull doors can have retractable screen doors installed on them. The screen doors will be on the inside or outside of the door so that they don’t interfere with the door’s function. Therefore, you can be sure that you’ll have a seamless installation that blends with your door’s frame. As outswing and inswing doors typically act as the front door, you can enjoy your home’s outside view and still remain protected when you add a screen door to them.

Oversized Doors

At Phantom Screens, we’re dedicated to giving you the best customizable window screens while ensuring that your home’s unique style remains intact. You can have retractable window screens fitted to various sizes of door opening in your home. So retractable screens can work for any oversized single or double door opening. And with the variety of finishes and colors to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about your screens sticking out like a sore thumb.

Double-French Doors

Homeowners typically have French doors installed so that homeowners can enjoy the beautiful view of their property. That’s why French door screens are becoming more popular with homeowners who want to enjoy the beauty of French doors but also want to be able to enjoy nature. Whether your French doors are inswing or outswing types, your retractable screens will fit perfectly. For this door variety, two screens meet in the center with a hidden latch system to ensure a seamless fit.

Knowing all the different door types that can use retractable screens can bring you one step closer to knowing all your options and building the home of your dreams. You never have to choose between the desire to enjoy nature or having beautiful doors ever again

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