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The Ultimate Guide to Retractable Window Screens

Retractable Window Screen

Window screens have helped the home in many ways for countless years. From shielding homes from the sun’s rays to keeping out insects that carry disease, window screens have been getting the job done. However, through the advancement of technology, retractable window screens (also referred to as roll-up window screens) have changed the lives of homeowners. Now, consumers have the option to retract their window screens at their convenience. If you’ve ever considered installing them, here’s the ultimate guide to retractable window screens and everything you need to know about them.

What Are Retractable Window Screens?

Retractable window screens are just like your average window screens, except they can be pulled away and hidden. Roll-up window screens come with all the benefits of your regular window screens, but also with the added option to be put out of sight. This means that during the off seasons, they can be put away, so they don’t get torn or damaged. It also means that you can enjoy your home’s view or nature’s natural breeze, unobstructed, whenever you want.

Retractable window screens aren’t just great for homeowners who want to add a little more luxury to their homes—they’re also great for people with mobility issues. Because roll-up screens are so easy to operate, you don’t have to worry about having to tug them down—and you won’t have to struggle to push them up.

How Do Retractable Window Screens Work?

Roll-up window screens actually work fairly simply. The mesh of the screen wraps around a center coil encased in a protective cover. This protective cover is known as the housing. The screen itself is “powered” by a slide bar that helps aid in use and retraction. The slide bar aids in the retractable screen’s flexibility, making it easy to open and close and difficult for anything to get in the way of the slide bar.

The slide bar is housed in the sidetracks, which run on both sides, perpendicularly to the main housing. This length is referred to as the maximum length and is the distance from the top of the housing to the ends of the sidetrack. In these sidetracks, there is mesh retention technology that keeps the mesh from being blown out or knocked around in windy conditions. This means you won’t have to worry about any rattling sounds while you’re trying to enjoy the breeze.

How Do Retractable Window Screens Benefit My Home?

Retractable window screens come with a myriad of and can save you quite a bit of money. Generally, window screens aid in the temperature regulation of your home. During the warmer months, window screens protect your home by mitigating some of the sun’s harsh UV rays. This allows your home’s air conditioning system to use less energy to cool your home., Additionally, you can keep your window screens open to protect yourself from the heat while letting cool air in. Using window screens to regulate your home’s temperature is a great way to save money on your home’s electricity bill.

Window screens also protect your windows from the elements, extending your window’s overall life span. Properly installed window screens also prevent water from getting into your window’s frame and causing rot from the inside. But all of that is about regular window screens. What makes retractable window screens different?

During the colder months, people either spend a lot of time removing and storing their window screens, or they don’t remove them at all and end up regretting it. This is because regular screens can easily freeze in place if it gets too cold. Additionally, if you live in a snowy area, window screens can trap snow against your windows. Not only does this cause damage to the frame, but it makes it harder for your home to warm up. It may not seem like much, but not removing your window screens can end up costing you money in the long run. However, when you use retractable window screens, you don’t have to worry about going through the hassle of removing and replacing them every time inclement weather comes along.

Can I Customize My Retractable Window Screens?

Retractable window screens can be made to fit almost any type of window and are customizable to suit your home’s overall décor style. Single-hung windows are some of the most popular window styles, and your window screens can be made to fit them, along with their counterpart, double-hung windows. Your roll-up window screens can also be made to fit casement and awning windows, otherwise known as in-swing and out-swing. Additionally, your installation can be mounted on the interior or exterior, flush with the frame or outside sash, for sliding and tilt n’ turn windows.

Not only that, but you can also choose the best mesh to fit your needs. You can have regular or tight-woven insect mesh to make your home bug-proof, with up to 55% UV ray blockage. However, if you’re more focused on blocking out the sun, solar mesh will reduce heat and glare by up to 75%. It can also reduce UV rays by up to 65% while still allowing adequate airflow. And if solar mesh isn’t for you, the tightest screen weaving is left to the tried-and-true privacy mesh. Privacy mesh blocks up to 90% of UV rays, protects your home from insects, and ensures that no unwanted eyes can see into your home.

However, that’s not all you have to choose from, as your frames can come in a variety of colors and finishes. One of the most popular retractable window screens customizations is the frame wood finish. You can choose from a deep, rich Mahogany to a bright and vibrant Light Knotty Pine. If wood finish isn’t for you, your window frame can come in Classic White, Phantom Black, Hartford Green, and many other colors. You never have to sacrifice your home’s décor style for quality retractable window screens.

How Do I Maintain My Retractable Window Screens?

Maintaining your retractable window screens is incredibly easy, and increasing their longevity is even easier. To clean the tracks, you can wipe down any dust and use a soft brush vacuum to get any remaining debris. Do the same to both sides of the slide bar. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can spray lubricant on both tracks to ensure that your window screens continue to run smoothly.

To clean your roll-up window screens, simply use canned air to push out any loose dirt or debris from the mesh. To clean your screens, use a damp cloth and a simple cleaning solution and wipe down the mesh. Just be sure not to use anything oil-based or abrasive. Make sure the cleaner has been sufficiently wiped off and allow the screen to dry before retracting. To make sure your window screens last as long as possible, simply retract them when they’re not in use or when inclement and dangerous weather is approaching.

With this ultimate guide to retractable window screens, you’re just as good as the pros, and you can determine whether roll-up window screens are for you. If they are, Phantom Screens can install high-quality roll-up window screens in your home. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy all the benefits of window screens with none of the hassle by installing retractable window screens today!


Guide to Retractable Window screen

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