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The Different Types of Retractable Screens

sliding screen door opening to garden

Retractable screens can be made to fit in almost any part of your home that you need. You can choose the mesh you need along with the color of the frame to best match your home and suit the particular needs of each room. Because of all your options, it’s important you know about the different types of retractable screens to get the best fit for your home.


When choosing a retractable screen for your door, you want to choose a screen that has insect mesh. While all mesh will be great at keeping insects out of your home, you want to make sure that this screen is specialized, as opening and closing your doors is what lets in most bugs. Depending on the bugs in your area, you may want to choose a finely woven mesh to keep out tiny insects such as gnats or fruit flies.


Depending on where your windows are in your home, you may want to choose a retractable screen with privacy mesh or solar mesh. If your windows are near a place that is exposed to unwanted eyes, a privacy mesh may be in order. Luckily, privacy mesh comes in a few different colors, so it won’t stick out if you don’t want it to. If you leave your windows open a lot or a particular window gets a lot of sun, the solar mesh can protect your home from the sun’s UV rays and prevent your air conditioning from doing extra work to cool your home.

Large Openings

Large openings such as oversized doors, or porches and patios, have the most retractable screen options. You can choose whatever mesh style best suits that part of your home. Many homeowners that install retractable screens on their porch and patio want to preserve a beautiful view while keeping their home protected from insects and the sun. Solar mesh can do just that, and with an openness of up to 32 percent, you can still enjoy the breeze if you want to keep your screens down and the doors open.

With the many different types of retractable screens to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your home and your particular needs. If you’re in the area looking for an install, Phantom Screens of Central Indiana can install high-quality retractable screens wherever you need them in your home

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