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How Energy Efficient Are Retractable Window Screens?

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Despite the fact that retractable window screens consist of mesh with thousands of tiny holes, they can be fantastic tools for those who want to save money on their energy bill. This is especially true for homes that experience hotter climates and want to cool down a room without raising the electric bill. If you’re interested in saving, here’s how energy efficient retractable window screens really are.


If your home experiences hot weather, you may find it challenging to keep a comfortable temperature throughout it. Retractable window screens allow air to flow through your home and let you take advantage of drafts. Even if the weather isn’t windy, keeping your window screens open allows hot air to escape instead of sitting inside your home. With this method, you can rely much less on your AC and spend less money.


When you keep your retractable windows screens open, they’ll provide shade and block out harsh UV rays. In addition to allowing air to flow through your home, they’ll keep the heat from climbing into uncomfortable temperatures. You can even have your window screens open throughout the night to allow more cool air to come through while keeping the bugs out.


Because Phantom Screens can install custom window screens in your home, you can have retractable screens in almost any opening. This means large windows and other openings can have retractable screens to improve airflow. Your porch, patio, and oversized door system can be your home’s greatest ally in energy-efficient temperature regulation. If you have a large opening that you need to screen in, use it to your advantage, especially on windy or overcast days. Larger openings are also great for allowing humidity to escape from the home.

If used correctly, retractable window screens are energy efficient and can save you lots of money by making you less dependent on your HVAC system.

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