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Why Retractable Screens Must Be Professionally Installed

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Although retractable screens aren’t very difficult to install, the installation still requires a professional and a trained eye to get the job run right. If it is not done by someone with the right experience, you may not reap all the benefits. Here’s why retractable screens must be professionally installed.

You Run the Risk of Improper Installation

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all option for retractable screens. There are a lot of parts that go into making your screens work. If you accidentally take the wrong measurements or put parts together incorrectly, your overall installation may not fit or work right. While it might seem like the cheaper option is to DIY, all the time, effort, and research you put into learning how to install them could prove fruitless. If you end up hiring a contractor, you’ve spent a lot of time and money for nothing.

Your Frame’s Structural Integrity Can Be Compromise

Installing the wrong size screen or an improper installation can compromise the overall structural integrity of your door or window frame. If the screen is too large, it can cause your window frame to bow and become distorted. If your window screen is too small, it simply won’t fit and rattle around in the frame during windy conditions. A damaged window frame can cause a lot of issues for your home’s air conditioning system.

Your Electric Bill Can Skyrocket

Your windows and doors do a lot to regulate your home’s temperature and save you money. If your frame’s structural integrity is compromised or your screen is improperly installed, this is the perfect condition for outside air to come into the home and regulated air to leak out. That means all the time and electricity your AC spends regulating your home’s temperature is wasted. While this may not seem like much, over time, you’ll start to see your electricity bill rise, especially if the issue goes unnoticed.

Retractable screens should be professionally installed because, without the help of a well-trained worker, you run a significant risk of wasting your time and money. Luckily, Phantom Screens has no shortage of well-trained professionals to help install your retractable screens in no time. You can have high-quality retractable screens where you want, when you want.

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