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5 Factors To Consider When Buying Retractable Screen Doors

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The back door to the patio, deck, or yard gets heavy use in the summertime. On hot days, it’s nice to leave the door open to catch the breeze. Unfortunately, the wind brings bugs with it. Window screens are standard for homes to block out pests, but the doors need them, too.

Retractable screens are a great option to let the air in and keep pests out. You can fling the doors wide to allow fresh air to come in while keeping them covered to block bugs. Here are five factors to consider when buying retractable screen doors.


You may consider retractable screen doors solely to keep bugs out and let air in. But some homeowners have additional concerns. For instance, you may have larger, peskier pests lurking under the deck or in the back yard that you don’t want to invade your home. Or you may need to keep children and pets inside and safe from backyard dangers. The reasons you want retractable screen doors will affect your choices for other aspects.


You can choose the type of mesh you want your screen to use. Screening specially designed to keep out the type of insects common in your area is available, as is screening that protects against UV light. You can even get privacy screening that lets you see out but keeps nosy neighbors from peeking in. Screens also come in various colors that can blend into your décor.


Your retractable screen supplier should offer professional installation as part of your purchase. This should include measuring and installing your screens to perfection. Your supplier should also advise you on maintaining and caring for your new retractable door screens.


Reputable retractable door screen suppliers offer a warranty on the parts and installation of their products. Choose a supplier that backs up their products with a warranty that gives you peace of mind.


When you pull out your retractable door screens from their housing, you may need to latch them closed. Choose latch-and-release closure for your screen doors. This will keep them secure.

Knowing these five factors to consider when buying retractable screen doors should provide you with a starting point for your shopping. Contact Phantom Screens of Central Indiana for more information.

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