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Why You Should Enclose Your Patio With Retractable Screens

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If you’re someone who’s spent a lot of time decorating their patio, or you just like being able to connect with the outdoors from the comfort of your own home, a screened-in patio is a must. But did you know you can get more out of your screened-in patio with retractable screens? If you’re looking to upgrade your home and take your patio to the next level, here’s why you should enclose your patio with retractable screens.

Let’s You Enjoy Your Time Outside

Enclosing your patio with retractable screens allows you to enjoy your patio comfortably any time of year. If you want to feel the cool breeze and enjoy the view, you can retract your screens whenever you wish. But if you want to keep those pesky insects out while still getting good airflow, you can automatically pull them down with ease.
In addition, depending on the mesh you choose, you can protect your patio space from unwanted gazes or guests so you can enjoy your patio in privacy any time you choose.

Protects Your Patio and Your Patio Furniture

You can pull down your retractable screens during the warmer months to protect your patio furniture from fading. UV mesh mitigates the sun’s harsh rays, meaning your furniture will stay vibrant longer. The sun can also ruin the material of your furniture, even if it’s made for the outdoors. Certain fabrics can become scratchy and brittle if exposed to the sun for too long.

Fit Seamlessly With Any Home Decor Style

Because of the endless style options, your retractable patio screens can fit in with any decor style you like. Aside from your choice of mesh, the frame of your retractable screens can come in almost any color you desire, or you can choose a wood finish. Either way, you can customize your screens to be bold and beautiful or keep them neutral and natural.

Adds to Your Home’s Resale Value

Installing retractable screens adds luxury and convenience to any home and will have buyers turning their heads. You want the exterior of your home to attract the eye so potential buyers book a walkthrough. With retractable screen doors, you’ll have neighbors and buyers alike looking at your patio. In addition, this high-value installation is a plus for any potential buyer, and the investment itself will naturally raise the resale value of your home.

Now that you know why you should enclose your patio with retractable screens, what’s stopping you? And retractable screens aren’t just for your windows. You can get Phantom Screens for doors with the best warranty on the market.

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