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What Are Retractable Screens & Why Are They So Great?

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Homeowners who enjoy their outdoor space have discovered they need protection from insects, UV rays, and nosy neighbors. Yet, it’s difficult to find a way to screen these annoyances out without marring your home’s appearance. That’s why the topic of retractable screens comes up. You may be asking, “What are retractable screens, and why are they so great?” If so, read on to learn more.

What Are Retractable Screens?

No secrets here—retractable screens are just what their name implies. When you’re not using them, you can make them disappear into a casing on the door jam. When you need them again, you pull them out, and the screens run along tracks installed at the top and bottom of the door. They let air inside while keeping bugs and UV rays out.

Retractable screens are becoming a popular option for many homes because they are available in a variety of types and colors. They can blend with the home’s décor, don’t dimmish curb appeal, and are customizable.

Retractable Screens vs. Regular Screens

Traditional screens remain fixed in place once installed and have dimensions that fit standard-sized windows and doors. In older homes, you have to replace them with storm windows in the fall. Then, when summer rolls around, you must switch back to your screens. It’s an annoying bi-annual ritual that long-time homeowners become heartily sick of after years of digging around in the attic or garage to find the correct screen for the correct window or door.

Traditional screens stay in place all summer, often marring the view of your outdoor space. Retractable screens, on the other hand, disappear when you don’t need them. They also differ from traditional screening because they are more flexible and have higher-tech materials. Their composition allows them to keep insects out, resist damage from pets, keep children inside, provide shade and protection from sunlight, and offer privacy while preserving your view.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

More homeowners are discovering that an investment in retractable screens makes life more pleasant. But retractable screens have many benefits. These include the following:

  • They’re customizable: You can have retractable screens measured and installed to fit just about any opening. There are also numerous options for colors and patterns.
  • They contribute to energy savings: Screens that exclude most UV rays help keep your home cool, saving energy costs.
  • Retractable screens are low maintenance: Because they retract into a protective housing when not in use, retractable screens collect less dust and debris than traditional screens.
  • Motorized options: You can get motorized screens for large openings for easy deployment and storage.
  • Durability: Retractable screens are made from tough, tear-resistant, and long-lasting vinyl coated polyester or fiberglass screen fabric.
  • Choice of latch style: When you pull your screens out, you can keep them closed with latch/release handles.

Uses of Retractable Screens

There are multiple uses for retractable screens that can improve your life in your home. Here are the primary ones to know.

Sun Protection

In addition to providing screening for doors, retractable screens can enclose porches, patios, and decks. Installing a retractable screen system can prolong your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. They provide shade and protection from UV light, which can keep your outdoor areas cooler on sweltering summer days.

Insect, Pest, and Pet Protection

Of course, for most homeowners, the most important function of screens is keeping bugs out. Mosquitoes and other summer pests like tics are annoying and may even carry diseases. Therefore, keeping them out of your outdoor living space is important to your health.

Retractable screening is available in a variety of mesh sizes designed to exclude the types of insects that bug you most in your area.

Pet-resistant screening can keep your four-footed friends indoors, away from insects and predators like coyotes, which can sometimes invade suburban and even city areas. This type of screening is more difficult for pets to claw through and outdoor pests to gnaw on.


Most of us do our best to be good neighbors, and people should be able to enjoy their own backyards, as long as they don’t create a nuisance with excess noise, trash, smoke from burning yard waste, or odors.

At times, you just want some privacy to enjoy your front porch without being on display to passersby or drivers. You may desire a pleasant rest on your back deck or patio without being exposed to neighborly eyes or getting a feeling that you’re obligated to engage in conversation.

Retractable privacy screens allow you to see out without letting the whole world see in. You can sit on your porch, deck, or patio without worrying about what you’re wearing and without having to think of something to say to your chatty neighbors. When you’re feeling more sociable, you can simply retract your privacy screens and have a chat or invite the neighbors over for a beverage.

Not Just for Doors

While retractable screens are attractive options for doors that swing in or out, and French doors, you can also have them installed for nearly any type of window. Views from every window in your home will be clearer in winter when you retract the screens. And with the screens deployed in summer, you can fling your windows wide open in the summer to catch fresh breezes without fear of filling your home with flying insects.

You can have retractable screens made for double-hung, single-hung, casement, or tilt windows. Installing them throughout your home will save you the time you’d otherwise spend switching storm windows for screens and back again. You’ll be able to spend that time simply enjoying your home with family and friends.

Summing Things Up

Now you know what retractable screens are and why they’re so great. They add value to your home and preserve curb appeal by blending with your home’s architectural style. You also can get motorized retractable screens for large openings. Furthermore, you can choose a latch/release handle type. You can prioritize the purpose of the screening you pick as well, from excluding insects and pets to getting sun protection to improving privacy.

Phantom Screens of Central Indiana offers professional service that includes measuring and installing retractable screens. All the products we supply come with a warranty. If you’re unsure which type of screening is best for your doors, windows, porch, deck, or patio, you should give us a call. We’ll help you determine the best type of retractable screens for your home.

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