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Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Screens

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Not only can damaged window screens let pesky insects into your home, but they can also affect your home’s noise levels and temperature control. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what a damaged window screen really looks like. They don’t get a replacement until there’s an infestation or their energy bill skyrockets. Luckily, recognizing you need a replacement is easy when you know what to look for. Therefore, this article will cover signs you need to replace your window screen.

Age and Visible Damage

The most obvious signs that you need screen replacement are tears, holes, or rips. However, this damage isn’t always glaringly obvious, so it may be wise to give your screens a close look over. Additionally, the average lifespan of a window screen is up to 15 years and bumps down to 10 if your area experiences harsh weather. If your window screens are past their prime, it’s time for a replacement.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

An old or damaged window screen will be difficult to open and close. Likely, this is because the screen frame is getting stuck on the track, causing unnecessary friction. Not only is this a glaring indication that you need a window replacement, but it also means you might benefit from retractable window screens, as they’re much easier to open and close.

Faded Mesh

If the color of your mesh seems faded or rusted, it’s time for a screen change. You may benefit from a material change as well. Aluminum is highly weather-resistant and doesn’t rust, making it an excellent option for homes that experience lots of rainy weather. Also, you may notice that the mesh is starting to thin at the edges. This type of fading is another prime indicator that your screens need an update.

Higher Energy Bills

Finally, the subtlest sign that your screens need replacing is an increased energy bill. Your window screens reduce the amount of sun battering your windows and help your air conditioning run more efficiently. Look at your last few energy bills and note the average increase. If your bills are going up more than usual during the warm parts of the year, it’s time to have your window screens replaced.

Being able to identify the signs that you need to replace your window screens will save you time and money from unnecessary headaches. Don’t underestimate how much your screens do for your home. Contact a contractor today if you notice any of these signs before the damage worsens.

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