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How To Pick The Best Windows Screens for Your Home

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There’s debate about how and when screen doors were first invented. One theory says people made the first screen door out of cheesecloth. Others insist that they were made from painted mesh by two men named Gilbert and Bennet during the Civil War. Whichever is true, we know that these screen doors were critical in keeping diseased insects from entering the home.

People use screen doors for more than preventing the spread of disease. Now, people use them to improve airflow in the home while keeping down the electric bill, blocking out allergies, and giving us the sun’s warmth without harsh UV rays.

These unsung home improvements have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. To help you decide what’s best for you, here’s how to pick the best window screens for your home.

Insect Mesh

Keeping out insects is the main reason why people invest in screen doors. However, screen doors come in different types. Knowing which one you need is half the battle.

When people say, “18/14 insect mesh,” the numbers refer to its weaving. There will be 18 rows across and 14 rows down per square inch. This is the standard size needed to keep out pesky insects. Despite the tightness of the weave, it still offers 58 percent openness and provides Sun/UB protection of up to 40 percent.

You can also purchase a 20/20 insect mesh. These have 20 rows down and across per square inch. This even tighter weave, while still breathable, keeps tiny insects at bay. It provides up to 55 percent UV blockage, but the openness decreases to 45 percent.

Ultimately, you should consider what insects are most common in your area. For example, if you don’t have many small bugs, don’t worry about selecting a tightly woven mesh. Also, humid areas tend to get a lot more swarms of insects than anywhere else. If you live in a warm and damp area, a tight mesh is the better option for your home.

Solar Mesh

Solar mesh is excellent for those that want to air out their home and keep their electric bill down while still blocking out harmful UV rays. In addition, they reduce the glare and heat that enter your home. Because they provide a 20/30 weaving, this will also help your curtains, carpet, and upholstery from fading in color while still allowing light and air into the home. While this mesh only provides 35 percent openness, the amount of UV ray blockage starts at a 65 percent minimum and goes as high as 75 percent.

Remember, just because you live in a cloudy area doesn’t mean UV rays aren’t getting into your home. The sun can still break through the cloud line and fade away at your colors.

Privacy Mesh

Privacy mesh has the thickest weaving and is ideal for those who want to make their home a little more private. It provides up to 90 percent UV-ray blockage. While they only provide openness of 10 percent, they come in a variety of colors, and you can be sure that no unwanted eyes can see into your house.

As an added bonus, privacy mesh can boost the resale value of your home, as the mesh itself can be pricey, making it a highly coveted addition to any home. This is especially true for homes without a thick tree line to block unwanted guests.

Single and Double Units

Mesh can come in almost any size desired. For example, retractable window screens can have a maximum width of 84 inches and a maximum height of 90 inches.

Single and double-hung windows are common, so creating a size that matches is a breeze. These versatile screening choices improve your home’s airflow without blocking your view. In addition, it doesn’t make your windowpanes inaccessible and you can retract it when you want to show off their beauty.

Casement and awning windows can swing in and out, making it hard to find a quality screening. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with the retractable mesh screens! The same applies to sliding as well as tilt ‘n’ turn windows. These windows screens can fit flush or outside the window sash.

Color Options

The framing and mesh itself also come with a variety of color options. You can seamlessly integrate mesh into your décor. For example, the mesh itself can come in the color of a deep black or forest green, to a rich brown or classic white. However, your mesh’s material may change the finish and value of the color itself, so it’s important to view the sampling before you decide.

Your new retractable screens can also have a unique wood finish. The finishing options include dark mahogany, classic knotty pine, and elegant light fir finish. However, if none of these options suit your unique décor, you can send over a color swatch to customize your retractable screens even further. No one should have to compromise form and function over style and luxury.

How To Choose

It can be challenging to decide which is the perfect fit.

The first question to ask yourself is where you’ll place your windows. Does this area get most of the sun during the day? How often do you have to worry about insects throughout the year?

Once you understand your basic needs, you should pick the mesh. The mesh you choose depends on your priorities. For example, if you don’t want UV rays in your home, you should go for the sun blocker option. If you live in a humid area and are tired of mosquitoes, a tightly woven insect mesh is your best choice.

Additionally, you should decide early on whether you want your screens installed in your interior or exterior. This will affect the final look but won’t affect the accessibility of your windowpanes.

After you choose a few favorite meshes, you’ll need to measure the height and width of the screens. Then you can get an estimate of how much each mesh type will cost so that you can weigh your options and get a better idea of the end cost.

Finally, once you know what mesh you want, your sizing, and your estimate, you can customize. Now, this part is all up to your creative mind! If you want your windows integrated smoothly into your décor, you can pick a neutral mesh and finish that will go with any home. After all, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic snow white.

Ultimately, how you customize your window screens is completely up to personal preference. Your home should reflect your unique style and fit your needs. What you choose should feel less like a compromise and more like a décor win.

Hopefully, these tips for how to pick the best window screens for your home will help you answer all your questions. These usually unnoticed home additions could be your next perfect home upgrade. Start brainstorming and make a list of what you want to get out of your retractable window screens.

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