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Do Roll-Up Window Screens Add Value to Your Home?

Roll Up Window

Smart homes are the way of the future, and more people are paying extra for homes with smart installations. While roll-up screens fall under this category, some people aren’t sure if they will add or detract from their home’s resale value. To help you better understand whether this installation is the right option for you, this article will answer the question, “Do roll-up window screens add value to your home?”

Increases Living Space

Adding roll-up windows screens can create more living space in your home. With a motorized screen, you can sit anywhere on your porch or patio while protected from the sun, heat, and insects. With added space to decorate, rest and relax, it’s like adding a whole new room to your home. Or it can extend one room into an even larger room without all the construction expenses.

Adds to Curb Appeal

Roll-up window screens give your home a boost of modern luxury and are certainly head-turning. With the added convenience, more people will be looking at your home. Typically, any additional installation that adds beauty and accessibility to a home will increase curb appeal and subsequently increase the resale value of your property.

In addition, because they are retractable, they don’t hide any of the home and fit seamlessly into any decor style.

Saves Money

One of the major benefits of roll-up windows screens is that they save you a lot of money on energy bills. Because of the density of their weaving, they are perfect for blocking out the sun and heat. As they are typically used in the warmer months, these screens are great at insulating the home and making them cooler, which reduces how often you need to use your air conditioning system.

Also, if you’re someone who enjoys sitting on your porch or patio but can’t stand the heat, you can enjoy that space without needing a dozen fans on you at all times. Roll-up screens will allow the breeze to flow through while blocking out the sun’s hot rays.

So, do roll-up window screens add value to your home? Ultimately, yes, they absolutely do! While they may seem like an intimidating installation, they are a valuable addition to any house.

If you’re looking for quality roll-up window screens, Phantom window screens can guarantee excellence. With the warmer months approaching, get a quote today!

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