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Do Retractable Window Screens Add Value to Your Home?

hand pulling back retractable window screen

Window screens don’t always come to mind when thinking of installs to upgrade your home. However, these unsung household heroes can add to your home’s resale value. Learn just how retractable window screens add value to your home.

Adds to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

To get your home to sell, you need to make the outside turn heads. Usually, potential buyers won’t book a walkthrough unless they like your home’s exterior at first glance. But you don’t have to have an elaborate garden or pathway to turn heads. Retractable window screens are simple modern luxuries visible from the outside, indicating to potential buyers that the inside of your home will likely be the same.

Any well-done install inherently adds value to your home. The more people like your home, the more people book walkthroughs. How does this add value to your home? If you have a large pool of people looking at your home, this creates a perceived demand. As a result, you can sell your house for more money and faster.

Saves Money on Heating and Energy Bills

High-quality window screens are essential to the cooling and heating of your home. The ability to open and close window screens when convenient means you can cool your home in the warmer months by keeping your screens open. You can also keep heat in by retracting them and closing your windows. Additionally, the less you use your home’s air conditioning system, the more money you save.

Moreover, if you live in a warmer area, airflow is essential if you don’t want to spend a fortune on buying and running fans. This drastically enhances resale value, making the long-term investment of buying a home more worth it.

Fits Seamlessly With Any Home Décor

Arguably the best part of retractable window screens, and what makes them so desirable to home buyers, is that they fit any home’s aesthetic. They’re not drastic features that only appeal to a niche group of people. Instead, they’re generally neutral. You can tuck them away if you desire. As stated previously, while most installs add inherent value, you want to make sure whatever upgrades you add to your home appeal to as many people as possible.

Now that you know just how retractable window screens add value to your home, you can decide whether this simple modern upgrade is right for you.

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