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Do Retractable Screens Keep Insects Out?

an insect on a screen

During the warmer months, insects come out of hibernation and quickly multiply. Because of this, it can become more challenging to enjoy your deck, porch, or patio when you want to. If you’re spraying too much insect repellent and the citronella candles just aren’t working, you may need to consider installing a retractable screen. This way, you can enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces again.

But do retractable screens keep insects out? And if they do, how do they work? This article will answer those questions and much more.

Do Retractable Screens Keep Insects Out?

The plain and simple answer is, yes, retractable screens do help keep insects out of your outdoor areas. When you deploy the screens, you keep your room sealed and protected against even the tiniest of insects. The only times a bug will ever slip through are when you pull up the retractable screens or the screen tears. But as long as your retractable screens are in the down position, you can enjoy your outdoor areas to your heart’s content.

How Do They Keep Insects Out?

Retractable screens work so well because you get them customized to fit where you need them in your home. So the edges create a tight seal to prevent bugs from slipping through the cracks. Additionally, the type of weaving you choose for your retractable screen can have a big impact. For example, insect mesh can come in a tight weave of 20 by 20 squares per square inch, ensuring gnats, mosquitos, flies, and other pesky bugs can’t get in.

If you’re interested in privacy screens, you should know that this mesh is the tightest weave that you can install. It will keep any unwanted eyes from seeing your home.

Can I Still Enjoy the Fresh Air With Retractable Screens?

While a fully enclosed area with a privacy screen may limit how much airflow your patio or porch gets, you’ll still be able to enjoy the fresh summer breeze. However, the insect screen is perfect for those who just want to keep bugs out while still enjoying the beauty of their backyards. Our retractable screens have many mesh options for you to choose from, and you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs.

So now that you know that retractable screens keep insects out, nothing’s stopping you from installing a retractable bug screen in your home and reclaiming the outdoors!

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