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The Benefits of Retractable Window Screens

Retractable Window Screens

For many homeowners, window screens are a necessary nuisance, hauled out of the garage or attic in the spring and returned to storage in the fall. Learn the benefits of retractable window screens, and save yourself the hassle of the biannual switcheroo.

Out of Sight When You Don’t Need Them

Retractable screens pull out to cover window openings in the spring and summer when you want to let fresh air in without admitting a phalanx of insects into your home. When you don’t need these screens, they roll up out of sight into a casing attached to the window frame, providing unobstructed views of your yard and beyond.

Less Cleaning

Because retractable screens are only in use when you need them, you don’t expose them to as much dirt, dust, and debris as screens that cover your windows all the time. Retractable screens stay protected within their housings when not in use. Furthermore, they’re easy to clean with a gentle brush or cloth and mild dish soap. There’s no need for messy hoses or potentially damaging power washers.

Mesh Options

Modern retractable screens come in several mesh options that address your most pressing concerns. While all screens will exclude most insects and provide some sun protection, retractable screens come in solar and UV protection options that reduce solar heat entering your home and protect rugs and furniture from the fading effects of UV light.

If privacy is your prime concern, retractable privacy screens ward off prying eyes while allowing you to enjoy fresh breezes.

Finally, retractable window screens from Phantom Screens of Central Indiana are available in various colors to complement or match your décor. They’ll cover nearly any type of window, from single- and double-hung to casement and tilt-in windows.

To learn more about the benefits of retractable window screens for your central Indiana home, you can browse our website or contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs for window and door screens for your home.

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