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A Quick Guide to Measuring Window Screens

Measuring for a window screen seems simple, but getting the correct measurement is critical, so there’s little room for error. No one wants to go through the process of contacting a contractor, getting a quote, and setting up an installation date, only to find out that the measurements were all wrong. To make sure that never happens to you, read this quick guide to measuring window screens.


Before you start measuring, take out your window screen (if you have one) and place it on a flat surface. This ensures that the screen doesn’t bow in a way that will give you an inaccurate measurement. Using your tape measure, measure the screen’s height from top to bottom on the right side, then top to bottom on the left.

The same method applies if you don’t have a window screen. Simply measure the height of one side of the frame and then the other. This way, you can tell whether one side of the frame is longer than the other, as this will affect the installation process. You’ll want to measure to the centimeter if possible.


When measuring the width, do the same thing—measure your screen as it sits on a flat surface, or measure your window as it is. Either way, you’ll also be taking two separate measurements. First, you’ll measure the bottom channel from left to right, and then you’ll measure the top channel from left to right.

Again, you need to know if your measurement is even. If not, you can’t get a proper seal, and the window screen will become essentially useless.

Frame Thickness

When measuring frame thickness, you don’t want to measure the frame itself. To ensure you get a frame with the correct thickness, measure the tracks or grooves that the frame will sit in because this will be more accurate. When it comes to industry standards, if a frame thickness is listed, it’s actually referring to the width of the track.

Luckily, whether you choose roll-up window screens or non-retractable screens, the process is the same. So now that you can follow this guide to help you measure for window screens, you can shop without fear!

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