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5 Reasons To Buy Motorized Screens for Your Home

Motorized Screens

Technological advances in screen mesh and mounting systems have given homeowners more options than ever. Consider these five reasons to buy motorized screens for your home.

1. Convenience

It’s a hassle to dig out the screens from storage each summer, then stow them away again when the weather cools off. Motorized retractable screens render the annual switcheroo unnecessary.

Retractable screens retreat into a space above or alongside a window or door. They come out only when you need them. Motorized screens make raising and lowering screens over large openings simple. You can operate motorized screens from your smartphone, making them extra easy and convenient.

2. Insect and Sun Protection

Manufacturers designed the meshes on motorized retractable screens specifically to keep insects out of your home or off your patio. Mesh gauge, or the size of the little open squares that make up the mesh, come in different dimensions to exclude bugs of all sizes.

You can also select motorized retractable screens for their UV light protecting qualities. Keeping the sun off your furniture, your artworks, and your skin protects your possessions and your body from harmful UV rays. That means that your furniture won’t fade as quickly, and you are protected from the sun’s most intense rays.

3. Expand Your Outdoor Living Area

You would enjoy more of your property if your outdoor living spaces were pleasanter. With insect screening, you won’t be as bothered by pests. With solar screens, you’ll be cooler and less prone to sunburn. You can spend more time outside enjoying fresh breezes without worrying that you’re letting pests in or overexposing yourself to the sun.

4. Energy Savings

Keeping the sun out helps reduce air conditioning costs by saving on energy use in your home. When you have these screens on every window and door opening of your home, you exclude more of the sun from your whole house, easing the burden on your AC system and lowering your costs.

5. Privacy

Another great reason to buy motorized screens for your home is privacy. When things get a little too lively on the street, or the neighbors get a little too nosy across the backyard, you can push a button and screen out visual intrusions without losing the benefit of fresh air and a view of the outdoors.

Let Phantom Screens of Central Indiana help you refresh your home with motorized retractable screens. Retractable screens can fit almost any window or door, or even movable walls up to 40 feet wide. Contact us today for a quote or to discuss your needs.

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